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TAU launches the new format tiles 20 x 60 for covering proposals- TAU Ceramica.


TAU launches the new format tiles 20 x 60 for covering proposals- TAU Ceramica.

TAU grows and evolves. The brand is currently launching new proposals in the innovative 20×60 format, a surprising, casual and versatile format which meets one of the present demands of consumers. It arrives with a wide ranging catalogue of proposals which includes all types of designs, finishes and effects, with the aim of covering the entire spectrum of needs for professionals and clients.
The collections are grouped into two movements, one very casual and young, and another, more classical and elegant, although both stand out for their sophistication and careful finish down to the tiniest detail. In the first group we find Fiber and Point, while the second style includes Arun and the TAU Luminia collection with the series Alenda-Beires and Massa-Samaná.


Fiber is dynamic, fresh and bold. Its red, wenge, blue, while and black colours make for a thousand and one combinations, all characterised by gentle, new flashes of gloss, which make it highly original. Its soft texture should also be taken into account. The whole represents a full and well-crafted harmony.

Point is a single colour proposal which stands out for the circles which form the model. Personal, lively and always changing, thanks to its numerous decorations and infinite combinations, Point is specially designed for those who wish to project their personality onto the rooms, interact with the space to make it unique and exclusive, in the form of mosaics or panels.
Point is minimalist, highly architectural and structural, and rabidly modern. Its finishes in black, grey, brown, beige and white produces an absolutely innovative result, an effect boosted by the decorations given to this model, whose circles break up the geometric interplay of the bases, largely as a result of the orange, blue, grey, pistachio and brown tones in its design. It also has mosaics in metallic, blue, green, orange and mother-of-pearl finishes in one of the most complete and personal ranges of TAU for the new season. Point perfectly combines with the wide range of single colour proposals of the Colore pavement.
Standing at the opposite end of this aesthetic line is the TAU Luminia collection, comprising the Alenda-Beires and Massa-Samaná models and Arun, three ideas which emphasise sobriety, sophistication and exclusiveness.



TAU Luminia is inspired by the classic marbles which has had a successful reception in the market and continues to grow with new creations. With a perfect finish and true to the original material which inspires them, Alenda-Beires and Massa-Samaná are two baroque decorative proposals for deluxe, refined, sophisticated ambiences… Designed for the most exclusive international markets, Alenda-Beires perfectly reproduces the splendour of emperor marble, one of the most noble and ancient materials in history. Massa-Samaná is directly inspired on portoro marble.

Lastly, Arun is a model resembling the winding waves of the desert. Inspired on the stone used to build some of the most striking Thai temples, Arun transmits warmth and relaxation. This model makes maximum use of the advantages of digital decoration, multiplying the end result.
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Tel. +34 964 25 01 05,

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