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TAUfine, the finest and lightest large format porcelain in the market-TAU Ceramica.


TAUfine, the finest and lightest large format porcelain in the market-TAU Ceramica.

tileTAU presents TAUfine at the Cersaie 2009, the new large format, ultrafine concept in porcelain which is designed to revolutionise architecture and refurbishment thanks to its numerous, innovative advantages.

TAUfine is a milestone in the brand’s product catalogue, as it reduces the tile thickness by over 50%, with tiles with a minimum thickness of 5 mm.

The development of TAUfine again demonstrates TAU’s ability to create the most advanced ceramic products in the market, as a result of the work of a large team of professionals using the latest technology, a situation acknowledged on numerous occasions by organisations of experts and scientists, and which has led to multiple ceramic solutions patented exclusively by TAU.

For TAUfine, the company is launching at Cersaie in a special space, the product in two formats: the 30×60 and especially the 45×90, a large size tile revealing TAU’s technical mastery of ceramic materials, given the added difficulty of production involved in manufacturing an extremely fine product without impairing its technical or aesthetic properties. TAU also undertakes the product launch without any decorative limitations.

TAUfine is specially designed to be applied to walls, and is particularly suited to refurbishment projects, while at the same time offering excellent results in new architectural initiatives such as exteriors, facades, residential complexes or even shopping centres.

It has numerous advantages and added value. When applied, it is not necessary to remove the already existing material as its can be applied directly over the previous product, thanks to its extreme fineness.



Thus, TAUfine represents a major cost saving during the execution phase, a significant factor for domestic economies in crises such as the present one. TAUfine also reduces the use of raw materials in its manufacture, energy consumption and the generation of CO2 in the firing process, which helps to protect the environment, and also in logistic costs, as the weight of the pallets is approximately half that of the traditional pallet.

TAU, which has TAUfine in full production, aware of its capacity and the potential of the collection in the market, once its benefits and results have been fully acknowledged, uses the concept in some of the more famous models in its catalogue, such as Corten and Portland, and other new products such as Mythos, in addition to Corten Energy. In the latter, the challenge is far greater as it is a polished model, fresh evidence of TAU’s mastery in the application of new technologies.

As is evident, TAUfine multiplies consumers’ options, who find in TAU a world of potential and an ally when creating a more comfortable living space and avant garde solutions in the field of architecture and interior design.

TAULELL, S.A.Ctra. Alcora, Quadra La Torta 2, 12006 Castellón, España
      Tel. +34 964 25 01 05,

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