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tPROHESIVE PROSET SUPER is a rigid set, exceptionally high strength, high quality cement based

adhesive developed to bond most types of ceramic tiles for wall and fl oor applications. Ideal for bonding

porcelain, monocottura, bicottura, natural stone, marble, granite and mosaic tiles onto cement render walls

and fl oors, rendered brickwork and rendered concrete. Suitable for both internal and external, thick and thin

bed applications. To produce a resilient adhesive with improved adhesion, fl exural and compressive strength

mix with PROHESIVE PROLASTIC as  a total water replacement.


All surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dust, grease, wax, oil, laitance, curing compounds, release agents,

paint, coatings, friable material and all other contaminants likely to prevent the adhesive bonding. Cement

render/screeds must be allowed to cure for 7 days, concrete to be left with a wood fl oat fi nish and allowed

to cure for at least 28 days before tiling. Refer to the substrate test guide below for recommended surface

preparation. Certain non-absorbent/impervious substrates that are suitable for tiling should be primed using

Aqua Blök™ Epoxy Seal. For further information, contact the CTA Technical Department. Aqua Blök™ Epoxy

Seal should be used as a primer over Prohesive approved polyurethane waterproofi ng membranes.



20kg of PROHESIVE PROSET SUPER powder requires approximately 5 litres of water. Add a measured

amount of clean water into a clean container and sprinkle PROHESIVE PROSET SUPER powder slowly

into the liquid with constant stirring. Eliminate lumps. Mix to a  thick toothpaste consistency. Allow to stand

for  5 minutes, then remix. The adhesive is now ready to use. PROHESIVE PROLASTIC must be used

as a total water replacement in areas subject  to vibration, thermal fl uctuation, expansion or contraction,

immersed applications and when adhering to impervious substrates or tiles. When laying tiles/mosaics in

continuous immersion applications ensure that a minimum 90% of adhesive contact is achieved to the back

of the tile/mosaic cube, not mesh/matting, (paper or other) or the mesh matting glue. Recommended for

tiling over PROHESIVE approved waterproofi ng membranes only when mixed  with undiluted PROHESIVE



All workmanship must be carried out in accordance with AS3958.1-2007.

Apply the mixed adhesive to the prepared substrate using the appropriate notched trowel for the size of the

tile being laid. A minimum of 1mm bed thickness for walls and a minimum of 3mm and a maximum of 12mm

for fl oors must be achieved. Ensure that the tiles are fully supported by the adhesive with no voids. Do

not spread more than 1m2 of PROHESIVE PROSET SUPER at a time. Lay tiles into the adhesive before

it skins. If the adhesive skins, re-spread the adhesive.  Do not disturb tiles until the adhesive has cured.

Discard any PROHESIVE PROSET SUPER that has hardened or stiffened in the mixing bucket. Further

addition of water will not reconstitute  a useable mixture.


PROHESIVE PROSET SUPER can be removed from the surface of the tiles using a damp  cloth while

the adhesive is still wet. Tools and equipment can be cleaned with warm water  and detergent prior to the

adhesive drying.


2.5 hours at 22°C and 50%RH Setting time: 24 hours at 22°C and 50%RH.


6.6m² per 20kg bag using a 6mm notched trowel and 3.3m² using a 12mm notched trowel.


Unopened bags can be stored for up to 12 months in a cool, dry and weatherproof environment. Bags must

be stored off the fl oor.


PROHESIVE supports best practice in material handling: gloves, mask, safety goggles and protective

clothing should be worn. If the product comes into contact with the skin, wash off with warm soapy water.

Avoid inhaling the dust by wearing a suitable dust mask and provide adequate ventilation. If swallowed drink

plenty of water and seek medical advice. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with an eye wash or wash

away with plenty of water.


If poisoning occurs, contact a Doctor or Poisons Information Centre (Phone Australia: 13 11 26, New

Zealand: 0800 764 766). EMERGENCY INFORMATION: 1800 033 111 (ALL HOURS). SEE THE



• Not suitable for tiling over fl exible substrates, such as fi brous cement sheeting, plasterboard and


• Not suitable for tiling directly onto timber, plywood, particleboard, MDF and Masonite.

• Not suitable for tiling over waterproofi ng membranes unless it is an PROHESIVE approved  product.

• Not suitable for tiling directly onto metals  or plastic substrates.

• Not suitable for tiling directly onto polyurethane membranes, contact the CTA Technical Department for

further information.

• Not suitable for impervious substrates, unless mixed with PROHESIVE PROLASTIC.

• Not suitable for moisture sensitive tiles/stone or green marble.

• Do not mix or apply adhesives in temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C and under extreme hot and

windy conditions.

• External tiling must not exceed 2.7m in height.

• Suspended concrete slabs must conform to AS3958.1-2007 for maximum defl ection. Any posttensioned concrete slab must be treated as a fl exible substrate.

• Contact the CTA Technical Department for further details.



Material Safety Datasheet

Product Datasheet

VOC Content Test Certificate






P.O. Box 1135 , Browns Plains, QLD, AUSTRALIA, 4118

(07) 3489 3000

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(07) 3489 3000





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